Earlier in the year, I posted an article about a neat electronic toy called the Eyeclops that’s bound to be a big seller later this year. This $50 dollar handheld plug-and-play device was created by toy company Jakks Pacific and will start appearing in stores any day now. Once plugged in, this toy turns your television set into a powerful 200x microscope. Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children’s Technology Review magazine, recently posted a video of this toy product in action (the video is included below.) While this toy is not specifically positioned as a learning product I can see it finding its way into many a classroom. Watch this toy turn your child into a junior scientist with simple everyday objects found in the home. Recommended for children (and interested adults) ages 6 and older.

Also, take a look at this video of the EyeClops in action. Item’s being explored close up include:
Table salt, kosher salt, sugar, organic sugar, soap bubbles, lint from a clothes dryer, blue jeans, fish food, mosquito, head lice egg shell, man’s facial hair, sand paper, US Penny, and a feather

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