At a recent conference I attended, I was asked if I could put together a number of images related to technology toys from the past few decades. I’m a collector and if the toy has an “on” switch, batteries, and a microchip chances are it’s in my collection. I thought it might be interesting to put together images of these toys found in the patent filings with the US Patent office. The video below plays a montage of these patent images.

If you’re interested in the collection of these images to use as a screen saver, click here to download a zipped file of the images.

Below is a list of the toy patents I refer to in this video. It’s not a complete list by any means of all the great technology toys out there but a list of some noteworthy technology toys. If you have a favorite, please send me an email for a future update.

Patent No. Company Toy Name Patent Name Filed Apprvd
4162792 Mattel Football Obstacle Game 01/12/77 07/31/79
D253786 Milton Bradley Simon Electronic Game Housing 04/13/78 12/25/79
4189779 Texas Instruments Speak N Spell Parameter Enterpolator for Speech Synthesis Circuit 04/28/78 02/19/80
D256139 Parker Brothers Merlin Electronic Game Casing 09/14/78 07/29/80
4249734 Coleco Two Player Football Hand-Held Two-Player Electronic Football Game 02/26/79 02/12/81
4207087 Atari Touch Me Microcomputer Controlled Game 09/19/79 06/10/80
4334679 Parker Brothers Wildfire Hand-Held Pinball Game 01/24/80 06/15/82
4340374 Texas Instruments DataMan Electronic Learning Aid 01/28/80 07/20/82
4359220 Milton Bradley Super Simon Microcomputer Controlled Game 02/08/80 11/16/82
4327915 Coleco Football Display Panel for an Electronic Game and Method of Employing Same 06/12/80 05/04/82
4341383 Mattel Basketball Electronic Basketball Game 08/04/80 07/27/82
4372556 Coleco Soccer Electronic Soccer Game 08/08/80 02/08/83
4403965 Texas Instruments Touch and Tell Electronic Teaching Apparatus 10/01/80 09/13/83
4386776 Coleco Two Player Football Electronic Sports-Action Game with Improved Game-Object Simulation 02/17/81 06/07/83
4415153 Nintendo Game & Watch Figure Displaying Game Aparatus 06/15/81 11/15/83
4434967 Nintendo Game & Watch Timepiece Apparatus Having Game Function 12/10/81 01/10/84
4582322 Nintendo Game & Watch Electronic Toy Having A Game Function 02/03/84 04/15/86
5184830 Nintendo Game Boy Compact Hand-Held Video Game 06/15/92 02/09/93
5478268 VTech (baby toy) Electronic Educational Toy Apparatus 08/29/94 12/26/95
5682171 Nintendo Virtual Boy Stereoscopic Image Display Device and Storage Device Used Therewith 11/09/95 10/28/97
5855513 Tiger (electronic matching) Electronic Matching and Positioning Game 08/26/96 01/05/99
5813861 LeapFrog Talking Phonics Interactive Learning Device 06/20/97 09/29/98
6115477 Hasbro Sound Bites Lollipop Denta-Mandibular Sound-Transmitting System 12/03/97 09/05/00
5984758 KidDesigns (toy laptop) Simulated Computer 07/30/98 11/16/99
6554679 B1 Playmates Toys Amazing Amanda Interactive Virtual Character Doll 01/29/99 04/29/03
6142869 Hasbro Handhheld Operation Hand-Held Electronic Game 05/27/99 11/07/00
D427637 LeapFrog Turbo Twist Mathematical Learning Game 07/14/99 07/04/00
7120509 Hasbro Hit Clips Sound and Image Producing System 02/25/00 10/10/06
6353168 Neurosmith Music Blocks Educational Music Instrument for Children 03/03/00 03/05/02
6792243 VTech Talking Book Electronic Book with Simulated Three-Dimensional Illustrations 12/21/00 09/14/04
6409511 LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar Sequence Learning Toy 06/18/01 06/25/02
7227526 B2 Gesturetek (Sony’s EyeToy / Hasbro’s iOn) Video-Based Image Control System 07/23/01 06/05/07
D484918 S Nintendo Gameboy XP Hand-Held Electronic Game Machine 01/29/03 01/06/04
7203455 Mattel (Fisher-Price) PowerTouch Interactive Multi-Sensory Reading System Electronic Teaching/Learning Device 05/30/03 04/10/07
20040076407 A1 Hasbro Video Now Low Bandwidth Image System 07/18/03 04/22/04
20050048457 A1 Mattel (Fisher-Price) Learn Through Music Interactive Device 09/03/03 03/03/05
7083420 LeapFrog Leapster Interactive Handheld Apparatus with Stylus 02/09/04 08/01/06
7122751 Cobalt Flux (dance pad) Switch Apparatus 06/29/04 10/17/06
7249950 B2 LeapFrog (writing device) Display Apparatus for Teaching Writing 10/07/04 07/31/07
20060025218 A1 Nintendo Nintendo DS (early design) Game Apparatus Utilizing Touch Panel and Storage Medium Storing Game Program 06/19/05 02/02/06
20060050061 A1 Mattel (handheld) Hand-Held Interactive Electronic Device 08/05/05 03/09/06
D540886 S Zizzle Iz Combined Sound Generating Toy and Speaker 09/13/05 04/17/07
D532461 S Mattel Pixel Chix Electronic Toy House 11/10/05 11/21/06
20060104456 A1 Hasbro Tooth Tunes Apparatus and Method for Boosting Sound in a Denta-Mandibular Entertainment Toothbrush 11/30/05 05/18/06
D532051 S Nintendo Nintendo DS Hand-Held Electronic Game Machine 01/31/06 11/14/06
7167675 LeapFrog LeapPad Magnetic Switch and Aparatus Including Magnetic Switch 04/20/06 01/23/07
D550673 S LeapFrog Leaster TV Game Controller 05/30/06 09/11/07
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