This year at the 2008 NY Toy Fair the buzz is strong with all things digital. Toys that connect to the web, toys that have a virtual worlds component, and robotic toys in many flavors. But none sum up the overall digital spirit of this year’s Toy Fair better than the latest Elmo doll announcement called Elmo Live. You have to see this product to believe it. Now I know what you’re thinking… “Tickle me Elmo was neat at first, and yes, the Elmo TMX (Tickle Me Extreme) doll released last year was also surprising, but I’m hard pressed to think how Fisher-Price could wow me with any future Elmo robotic doll.” Believe it or not, this new Elmo doll is pushing robotics in a way that will amaze you still!

Elmo can stand, wave its arms, move it’s mouth while talking, tell jokes and stories, and I imagine by the time the product ships on October 14th, will include a few additional surprises. To see video of the Elmo Live animatronic product, click below.

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